Horse Racing

Horse racing betting

At the hippodromes, bookmakers have long operated, accepting bets on horse racing. Today, betting on horse racing also has a lot of adherents. And with the development of Internet technologies, a convenient opportunity has appeared to place bets on horse racing online and watch the progress of the races in the broadcast.

Horse racing betting features

Horse racing is a sport in which bets are made according to a special system. In racing, the winner is the one who reaches the finish line first. Horse races differ from team games also in that not 2 opponents compete here, but much more, so for horse racing, bets can be placed on many outcomes.

Odds are traditionally high, but keep in mind that they change dynamically, and it is important to choose the right moment to place the most profitable horse racing bet. At the hippodromes, there are such types of betting odds for horse racing:

  • AR – for long-term provisional rates;
  • EP – early coefficients, set after the approval of the list of participants (1-2 days before the start of the competition), they are valid until the horses are taken to the courtyard of the hippodrome;
  • EP – board coefficients, are valid from the moment the horses are taken to the courtyard and until the start of the race;
  • SP – starting, offered at the start of the race.

Some major bookmakers offer favorable conditions for players: if bets on horse racing were made at an early or board odds, and the starting odds turned out to be higher, in case of a win, it is guaranteed to be paid out at the starting odds (guaranteed for better odds).

Types of bets on horse racing

Despite the fact that horse races are also held in our country, legal Russian online bookmakers mainly accept bets on horse races held abroad. Consider the most common betting options and, for convenience, we will mention the names of bets in English, which are used by foreign bookmakers.


Everything is simple here. The usual type of betting on the winner of the race. We choose a horse, and if it comes to the finish line first, we get a win. It is also possible to choose a horse and make the opposite bet, that is, if he does not come to the finish line first, you get a win.

Betting on winners

Of course, it is difficult to guess the winner of the race, and in order to increase the probability of winning, bookmakers offer the option of betting on the top three winners. That is, the selected horse must be in the top 3 at the end of the race. This type of bet in betting lines can also be called Show.

It is also worth noting that the number of prizes in different races may vary. And if there are more than three of them and the horse gets into prizes, then such a bet in this sport is called Place.

Bets on winners in correct order

Also in horse racing there is such a type of betting as Forecast. Here the player must guess the horses that will come first and second in the race. The variation of the bet can change, giving the player the opportunity to bet not on certain places that the horses will occupy, but randomly.

Some Forecast bookmakers offer a Tricast betting option.This bet is identical to the one described above, with only one caveat: here you need to choose three horses.

Who is higher

In this bet, a player from any two horses chooses the one who will take a higher place. That is, throughout the race, the player watches the duel of two horses.

What should you pay attention to when betting on horse racing?

Age of the horse

Undoubtedly, a young horse at short distances has more chances than his “aged” brother. But if you are a fan of long-distance races, then experience plays a major role here.

Run length

Before placing a bet, you need to know how long the run will be and whether the horse had a break before it. If this is a sprint (short race), then the horse needs to rest for at least a month, and if it is a long distance, then a long break is not necessary, or more precisely, it is undesirable.

Jockey weight

The average weight of a jockey is 60 kilograms. But novice athletes are allowed to exceed this limit to improve balance with the horse. So it becomes clear that the lighter the jockey, the more experienced he is and has more chances to win.


The weather, as with other outdoor sports, can bring unexpected results when the favorites give way to the underdogs. Therefore, before making a bet, it is necessary to clarify the weather conditions at the hippodrome.

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