Features of motorsports betting

Motorsport betting is somewhat different from betting on other sporting events, and there are many nuances here. Firstly, even as a fan of motorsport, you most likely will not be able to make such a bet at every bookmaker. Amateur motocross is unlikely to arouse the interest of bookmakers, and world events where you can make money are not held every day. In any case, before giving money to a bookmaker that accepts bets on motorcycle racing, do not be too lazy to look at the rating of bookmakers and find out if it pays winnings normally and if there are any precedents with cheating players.

Types of motorsport

Motorsport is multifaceted. Among the disciplines that collectively make up the “motorcycle species” group are:

  • speedway – racing on an oval track with a length of 260 to 400 meters;
  • supermoto – racing on a track with alternating coverage, from asphalt to dirt;
  • motocross – competitions on a track passing through rough terrain, consisting of natural and artificial obstacles;
  • enduro – motorcycle races over long distances, which take place in several stages over several days;
  • road racing (MotoGP and Superbike).

All these types have many differences in terms of the competitive process, technical requirements for motorcycles. But if we consider motorcycle racing as an object for betting in bookmakers, then the types of bets on all the variety of disciplines are the same.

Types of bets on motorsports

Victory. As the name suggests, the winner of the race must be named.

1-3 place. This type of bet is similar to the previous one, with the only difference being that in order to win the bet, the selected athlete must be in the top three, and not necessarily win the race. There are variants of this type of deal, such as “1-6 place” or “1-10 place”.

Comparison. To win in this market, you need to correctly predict which of the two selected participants in the race will be higher in the final protocol.

Long term rates. It is necessary to correctly indicate the winner not of a separate race or race, but of the entire championship.

Features and secrets of online betting on motorcycle racing

Motorcycle racing stands out from other sports not only because the physical characteristics of the athletes are not as important as the characteristics of the technique – boots in football betting or rackets in tennis betting do not affect the results so much. Motorsport is also distinguished by other features that determine what bets bookmakers offer us:

Lots of influencing factors. The characteristics of the motorcycle and its condition, the weather, the type of tires, the speed of the mechanics at the pit stop, the strategy chosen for the race, the pilot’s ability to cope with turns on a particular track, his health, motivation, position in the standings and much more – all this is impossible predict and make a 100% accurate bet;

High odds on favorites. The unpredictability of motorsport leads to the fact that even bookmakers do not always understand who is the favorite in the race, so even on past winners they often offer odds of 2 or more;

High margin. Bookmakers understand that they can make mistakes in quotes, so they set a high margin.Then, for example, instead of a coefficient of 2.07, the driver gets 2.0 – and we end up winning less money than we could;

Top places. If in football a coefficient of 1.2 is offered for the victory of the favorite, then in motorsport such quotes will be that the favorite finishes first, second or third – the risk of losing is lower, and the coefficient is the same;

Narrow stakes. The specificity of motorsport is such that apart from betting on racers there is nothing special to think of: who will take first place, climb the podium or enter the top ten – there are no totals or odds here;

Few major tournaments. Maybe someone goes every weekend to watch motocross outside the city, but online bookmakers accept bets only on major tournaments, and there are very few of them in motorsport, and more time passes between races than between football matches;

Different rules for tournaments. Most sports have set rules that work for most championships. However, motorcycle racing tournaments are united only by the fact that racers with motorcycles participate in them, and other conditions depend on the organizers.

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