leage of legends

What is LoL?

League of Legends is a multiplayer strategy game full of magic and chaos that has become a global hit not only for players but also for spectators – as one of the most popular and spectacular esports in the world. In 2019, the World Cup finals for this game attracted 100 million viewers.

The battles take place on a map called Summoner`s Rift, where two teams of five champions each – red and blue – must defeat the enemy base, which is called the Nexus, to win.

LoL gameplay may look confusing at first glance, but at its core, it`s simple.

What is fram?

At the initial stage, players usually “farm” in three lanes, that is, they kill neutral creatures and minions (creatures controlled by the game`s artificial intelligence) in order to gain gold and experience points (XP), as well as superiority in these lanes. This stage is also known as the “lining phase”.


The more gold a player collects, the more they can spend on strengthening their champions (characters) and buying items to improve spells or increase damage dealt. These can be items to improve armor, increase magic resistance, damage, speed and skill power. A player`s inventory can contain up to six items.


Towers play a very important role in every match, dealing massive damage to enemies and protecting the roads to the Nexus. In order to demolish the towers of opponents, the player needs to properly upgrade his hero and attack them with a detachment of minions that automatically appear in the Nexus.


Keep an eye on how the teams complete secondary missions, such as hunting for Dragons and the Baron. Completing these missions rewards gold, as well as temporary team-wide upgrades that enhance champions` abilities.


To win the match, teams must destroy the structure located at the back of the enemy base – the Nexus. As long as the base has all three inhibitors (buildings that prevent superminions from attacking the base) or at least one of the towers, the Nexus is invulnerable.

A lot of exciting scenes unfold as the team finally begins to attack the Nexus, and its rivals frantically rush to its defense.

How to choose a character?

All matches begin with a Draft (choice) stage, in which teams alternately choose their champions (characters), but also ban (prohibit) the opposing team from using certain champions.

The player can choose from 150 champions, each of which belongs to a certain class or subclass (for example, warrior or mage), which determines his style of behavior and approximate position on the battlefield.

After death, the character is reborn. However, the player has to wait for some time before his champion can return to the game, which increases the chances of the enemy at this time to destroy the base or take advantage of the line.

What is a line?

To understand LoL, you need to understand the purpose of the three lines.

Any place on the map that is not occupied by lanes or bases is considered a forest, in which “foresters” hunt neutral monsters to earn gold and experience points.

The top line runs around the northwest corner of the map and is usually occupied by opposing top line champions who are strong and durable, such as tanks or warriors.

Middle line. This stretch of Summoners Rift is the site of the most battles. This is the shortest path to the Nexus and probably the most important of the lines.

Bottom line. As a rule, teams manage to kill someone earlier than in other lines, since players here are usually paired up. It`s also a good place to keep an eye on the appearance of the Dragon on the map.

What do positions mean?

There are five main roles in LoL, each with their own tasks and positions in Summoner`s Rift.

Top Lane Champion

Occupies the top line and often engages in one-on-one combat with the corresponding opponent character. Each toper has a teleport spell that allows him to move to any part of the map in a matter of seconds.


These tough hunters scour the forest between lines for gold and experience points. It is not uncommon for them to pop into one of the lines to turn a one-on-one fight into a two-on-one fight and turn the tide.


The carry function is usually performed by a character that deals high damage at long range, such as an archer with a bow. Growing in power as the game progresses, these champions can become key players.


An all-around player who moves around the map and helps others become stronger. As a rule, he chooses champions with control skills that allow him to stop or stun the enemy at the most crucial moment.

Mid line champion

Usually in the mid line, which allows you to easily move around the map, there are strong champions that deal high damage.

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