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What is Dota2 and how to start the game?

Dota 2 is a free multiplayer online game in the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genre, in which ten players play in a standard game, five in each of two teams. Before the start of the game, all participants choose different heroes that cannot be repeated.

The game has several different modes, most of the games last from 30 to 60 minutes. The action takes place on a map with through lines – top (top), middle (mid) and bottom (bot). Squads of creeps are moving towards each other along them — small warriors without computer-controlled abilities. In addition to allied and enemy creeps, there are also neutral creeps on the map that live in the forest between the lanes.

The game continues until the players of one of the teams destroy the enemy throne. In order to do this, you need to go through the entire map and demolish several towers – buildings that deal damage and protect the throne.

Along the way, players need to fight each other and creeps to earn experience points, thereby pumping their own level. There is money in the game that can be used to buy game items that increase certain characteristics of the heroes.

Dota 2 has simple basic rules, but many nuances that change with each update

It is impossible to win in Dota 2 fighting alone against five enemy players – you need to work in a well-coordinated team. Therefore, professional teams of doters constantly train together and rarely change lineups.Each of the participants occupies one of five positions: midlaner (standing in the middle lane), carry (main attacking player), offlaner (pumps skills in the jungle on neutral creeps, and subsequently initiates battles), seven-support (helps allies in battles) and support (heals other heroes). Players may switch roles throughout the season, but generally take up one position as the game progresses.

First steps

The first steps are the most important in any business and Dota is no exception. Before you start your journey in this area, you need to set up a working environment. In general, the game is undemanding to the power of the computer, so it will not “eat” resources 24/7. However, here, too, an almost complete reduction in graphic settings is assumed to obtain a higher frame rate per second.

Client setup

Before proceeding to graphics and management, we recommend that you spend at least a couple of minutes studying the client interface. Interaction with him is half of the game time. From here, the user can get to the hero overview menu and the store, view the knowledge base, chat with friends or find new ones. In general, the game client is a kind of navigator in the world of Dota 2 and its knowledge simplifies the life of the user in all its aspects.

Graphic arts

So, when we got acquainted with the client interface, go to the graphics settings. There are really a lot of different “windows” and “sliders”, but you should not be afraid. We have to pay attention to only a few parameters. For convenience, we offer them in a short list:

  1. Screen resolution. We recommend setting it to Full Screen to get the best possible effect.
  2. Section “Processing”.It is these settings that will make up your FPS, so approach the manipulations with them thoroughly – remove the excess, turn on the necessary.
  3. General parameters (textures, effects, shadows). We recommend setting everything to low values.
  4. Max FPS. An interesting parameter, considering that everyone wants to achieve a playable indicator in the frame counter. We recommend setting it to the maximum values, but in the case of using a 60 Hz monitor, we set the corresponding numbers for hertz.


There are a lot of combinations of controls in Dota. The gamer can fully customize the game in this regard for themselves. The official website of the developers has convenient configs, but we believe that you need to select cfg according to personal requirements. First, we recommend that you study the default control scheme, play one match, understand the awkward moments and remap the desired keys. Thus, such a flexible setting will bear fruit after a couple of matches and the gamer will begin to feel much more comfortable.

Introduction to the game

After a little tweaking of important parameters, you can safely move on to the basics of the game. In this case, it will be enough to consider the main points by the type of heroes, buildings and spells, as well as pay attention to game slang. After a deep understanding of the information below, it is recommended to gain experience in the practical field and study the official documentation in parallel.

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